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Gas Chromatograph  Equipments
At Centurion Scientific, we offer innovative Gas Chromatograph Equipments for your routine and demanding applications. We are a key manufacturer, exporter & supplier in this technology field, and meeting different applications in many industries like environmental testing etc. Our equipments are developed for superior gas chromatography performance for advanced capabilities, regular analysis and increased sample throughput. They are perfect for your laboratory and provide comprehensive sample characterization. With enhanced confidence in compound identification, our Gas Chromatography Equipments are used in food safety, metabolomics, clinical, pharmaceutical analysis and industrial applications. Equipped with advanced components and latest technology, they help run a successful analysis.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Speed, accuracy & productivity
  • High resolution and mass accuracy
  • Ease of use and high efficiency
  • Improved analytical performance & reliability
Gas Chromatograph Accessories
Centurion Scientific is a key manufacturer & supplier of Gas Chromatograph Accessories that are designed for maximized performance. These convenient accessories are used in various industries such as environmental, food & beverage, petroleum and pharmaceutical. We offer a complete line of GC components that are reliable and cost-effective. Our excellent and affordable supplies are ideal for your gas chromatography applications. Manufactured with quality materials and latest technology, our Gas Chromatograph Accessories ensure the best results and meet your application requirements. We have great expertise in gas analysis and this helps us provide the finest quality accessories.   

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable connection & reusable
  • Ensure maximum results
  • Ease of installation
  • Available in various configurations
Our line of Digital Viscometer is ideal for determining viscosity of a fluid under particular atmospheric and flow conditions. These are used for a wide reach of applications including research, quality control and product development etc. We offer low cost, advanced and very effective viscometers with excellent functions. They accurately measure viscosity and give correct outputs. Also, the Digital Viscometer is important in process control to maintain the production. We have various types of viscometer for diverse applications and they ensure fluid control, quality, accuracy & reliability.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy user interface
  • Direct access to measurement function
  • Senses & displays continuously  
  • High measurement accuracy & repeatability
As a leading manufacturer & global supplier, Centurion Scientific offers a wide line of Digital Rheometer. Versatile and powerful, our Rheometers combine intelligent features of a viscosity testing device with excellent measurement capability. They offer the best value and reliability in the marketplace. These instruments are designed for stress, strain & shear rate control, and to characterize the material properties etc. Also, our advanced Digital Rheometers are capable of running any rheological test mode. They can measure a broad temperature range, viscosity, oscillation, flow curve, relaxation, and more.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Effective stress, strain, or shear rate control measurement
  • A broad range of measurement, control & sample loading
  • Offer speed and accuracy
  • Sophisticated, versatile & reasonably priced viscosity testing instrument

Process Viscometers
Centurion Scientific offers a perfect line of Process Viscometers for excellent viscosity measurement as well as control. This line of instrument provides repeatable and accurate data, which relates to lab tests etc. As a major manufacturer & exporter, we have a wide range of viscometers for any fluid and any application. These versatile devices can be easily installed on to any line of process. Also, our Process Viscometers are ideal for the measurement of viscosity in the field, lab or plant. Latest standards, reasonable cost and easy availability are also the good aspects of our Viscometers.

Features & Benefits:
  • Effective and accurate viscosity monitoring
  • Process repeatability & reliability
  • Robust and precise
  • Help achieve consistent quality of products   
  • Specifically designed for applications of process

Viscometer-Standard Accessories
At Centurion Scientific, we offer a comprehensive range of Viscometer Accessories. They help make viscosity measurements easy and effective in laboratory as well as on-line process environment. Our quality and complete range meets all your specifications and requirements for your particular application. Keeping your measurement needs, applications and global standards in mind, we bring forth the best possible Viscometer Accessories. These are easy to use and low budget in nature. Also, they are perfect in terms of technology, material, design, installation and applicability. And there are accessories to meet a wide viscosity range.

Features & Benefits:
  • Fast and accurate viscosity activity
  • Improve performance & reliability
  • Easy to install & use  
  • Absolute and relative viscosity

Certified Reference Material / Standards
Centurion Scientific offers a broad selection of Certified Reference Material to assist the laboratory analysts to accomplish the best analytical results. These materials are standards or controls used to examine the quality and traceability of products, to authorize analytical measurement techniques etc. A Certified Reference Material is a specific variety of measurement standard. It is stable and homogeneous with respect to one or more special properties. The reference materials are essential for clinical analysis and analytical chemistry. Also, they are produced under rigorous manufacturing processes for accurate calibration. We keep up with national and international accreditation standards, reasonable price and easy availability.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate, effective and latest standards  
  • Quality of data is good
  • Robust quality system and allows excellent production  
  • Provide credible data required to make informed decisions
Analytical Instruments Consumables
Centurion Scientific is a key manufacturer & global supplier of Analytical Instruments Consumables. We have been supplying cost-effective and high-quality analysis consumables to many laboratories. Our wide range of consumables is designed to guarantee optimum performance and reliability. These products help optimize analytic operations and are important for the performance of instruments. They can also simplify and accelerate the analysis. Our Analytical Instruments Consumables are quality assured, manufactured with modern technology and finest materials. They are developed to ensure suitable solution for your applications or processes.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to enhance the performance of analyzers
  • Offer speed, ease and versatility  
  • Safe & effective analytical process
  • Allow instruments to work in optimal condition
Environment Pollution Monitoring
As a key manufacturer & supplier, Centurion Scientific offers a comprehensive line of Environment Pollution Monitoring Instruments. These are applicable in research institutions, laboratories, industrial houses and other areas. Our instruments are specifically designed for trouble-free and smooth operation. Also, they meet all your pollution monitoring needs with their versatility and sophisticated technology. We provide cost-effective and dependable instrumentation as well as information for efficient Environment Pollution Monitoring. Based on proven technology, our instruments and systems are used widely in various applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Continuous measuring performance
  • Precise & robust design  
  • Easy to install and use
  • Research level accuracy
  • Ideal for different environmental parameters  
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance
Analytical Balances (SHIMADZU)
Centurion Scientific offers Analytical Balances (SHIMADZU) that are used widely in research & development applications across all industries. These are user-friendly instruments ideal for today's computerized laboratory. We are committed to provide you with innovative products for the analytical works. Also, this range of Analytical Balances offer superior performance and low budget. These are helpful in achieving high accuracy and usability in many industries, including Clinical Research, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Environment, Petrochemical and Testing Solutions etc. The balances are designed for effective application support and calibration.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable measurements & performance
  • Easy setting and use
  • Offer utility, speed and accuracy
  • Best fit for weighting applications
Ovens, Incubators & Chambers
At Centurion Scientific, we are a key manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Ovens, Incubators & Chambers. These are used in medical, science and educational fields world-wide. Safe, simple and effective, these equipments are supportive in laboratory, clinical and industrial environments. Also, we focus on advanced designs and high quality to bring reliable equipment in the marketplace. We have been serving different industries with economical and innovative Ovens, Incubators & Chambers. We keep up with various models and an excellent temperature range to meet all needs of customers. Moreover, we have the right selection for both general and special application.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use, clean & maintain  
  • Latest safety standards
  • Easy temp settings and improved temperature uniformity
  • Long service life for use in busy laboratories
  • Simple manage of functions
  • Designed for modern labs
  • Offer the best reliability, versatility & accuracy 

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